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Like a seed, each of us is filled with potential. We are meant to thrive and grow into the full expression of our selves. But like seeds, the ground we grow on affects how fully we grow into what we are meant to be. As we grow older, we must continue to tend to our growth, feeding our roots, growing our strength, and increasing our resilience. But “life” often gets in the way of our personal growth. Responsibilities, limitations, and resources often determine our path. As adults, the sense of our enormous potential can seem a distant memory. Our lives can feel confined by circumstance, and our ability to emerge into our fullest self can seem blocked by our defenses. We resist and ignore the call, choosing instead to compromise, resigning ourselves to a life that doesn’t always seem to fit.

French psychologist Robert Desoille called this “the repression of the sublime”: the loss

of connection, vitality, and sense of meaning. But the “Call of the Self” is always there, reminding us of what we could be. If only. If only we were braver. If only we embraced new possibilities. If we dared to follow our dreams. If we decided to share our gifts with the world. If only we had more money. To even imagine these possibilities, many of us can bring up uncomfortable feelings of doubt, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and even physical symptoms.

And still, the little voice persists. In the quiet hours, a thought might pop up that reminds us of a long-forgotten dream. A street performer might bring up memories of our hidden talents. A story we hear evokes the feelings of pride of an early victory. Even in our darkest hours, if we allow ourselves to listen, we can hear the sound of our heart calling us to rise again, dust off our knees, and follow our dreams.

When the genie of inspiration and creativity calls, we must listen. When the call to adventure lingers in the morning after we wake up from our dream, we must listen. When we get lost in reverie, watching a scene before our eyes that reminds us of who we once wanted to be, we must listen. This is the voice of our Higher Self calling. To remind us that we still have much to do, much to share, much to experience, and explore. And so much more to contribute.

Like the seed, we have the innate capacity to grow into the fullness of our being, whatever that might be. It is never too late. We just need the willingness to set sail in this new journey and the tools to build the practice that can help us reach our destination. In this blog, I hope to share what inspires me to continue growing. I have been lucky in my life to have had many wise and generous teachers that have supported me in my journey. I hope that what I have to say might help others in their journey of becoming. Everything I have learned I owe to my teachers. Any errors or omissions are mine alone.

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